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Welcome to Meio’s kitchen. 

原味司康的獻禮  歡迎光臨,我的甜點廚房

地點:板橋   Location: Banqiao

坪數:15 坪  Square meters: 62.8 square meters

成員:2 人1兔  Members: Two people and one rabbit
屋齡:新成屋  Age of the house: 10 years

「會說司康無聊的人,應該是沒吃過好吃的司康吧!」身為甜點烘焙師的屋主 meio 這麼說。 初看這道空間,就跟 meio 端出的原味司康一樣:簡單而無過多裝飾的外表,乍看就這樣了,但細嚼之下才發現其中蘊藏很多巧思: 外酥內鬆帶點濕潤又不黏牙的口感,配上一杯熱茶,值得用生活慢慢享受。

這間位於板橋,兩房兩廳一衛的 15 坪小空間:最大的亮點就是這面—明亮而寬廣的落地窗廚房,為女主人未來甜點工作的重心所在; 此區也會作為小型烘焙教室使用,因此在設計上將空間一分為二,利用玻璃門窗區分出公私領域,除了光線流通外,開闊的視野也讓 小空間看起來放大許多。男主人 Tommy 身兼工程師與音樂人,除了收藏大量的工具書外,還擁有一台專業的電子琴,興致來還會彈 個琴譜首曲;設計師為他們個別打造了獨立而舒適的工作區,一一列出需求再分門別類規劃,加強櫃體機能卻不顯壓迫與厚重,這樣 的空間裡,還巧妙的安插了一間半坪大的儲藏室,收納了所有小空間所煩惱的雜物。大都市中動輒千萬的小坪數,更需要用心規劃, 才能使空間更妥善地利用以擁有更加舒適的生活。

全室以清爽的白為基底,核心區域以霧黑與波那藍(bonar blue)點綴,並搭配質樸的木質色,輕裝修重裝飾的處理,以生活態度作為 空間的主角,將五花八門的收藏品妝點出生活的體驗,滿足夫妻兩不同的喜好,也更能營造出屬於屋主風格的家。



「這間屋子的完成,最感謝是在背後默默支持的老公。」女主人終於完成心中的夢幻廚房,朝夢想邁進了一大步;她拿手的原味司康, 就像這個家一樣 — 是一道簡單卻滿載用心的料理。

“ People who doesn't love scones is that they never eat good scones.” Meio said, the house owner also is a sweets baker. This space is same as scone made by Meio, simple, clean and unadorned. However, under simple appearance, there are many details, each corner is crafted with focus on both refined and exquisite taste. It is a quite easy and adorable space to enjoy life with a cup of tea.

This space is a minimal home located in Banqiao, there are two rooms and one bathroom. A wide and bright kitchen with French window is the highlight, and it is the main workplace for hostess making sweets. Moreover, this big kitchen also can be a small baking studio, so it is designed to be separated by French window, not only keep room bright to look bigger but also isolated from private space. On the other hand, an independent room provided with big storage space is quite important for host as a engineer and a music worker. Designer arranges a 1.65 square meters storage is provided with functional cabinets, to store large reference books and a electronic piano, it makes small room look clear and neat. House located in metropolitan area is small and quite expensive, it needs more planning, so that space can be better utilized to have a more comfortable living life.


In whole house, white creates a solid base, it decorates with matte black and boner blue in core area, and followed by a lighter application of natural woods. Designer not only arrange space to meet needs of host and hostess, but makes the house present unique lifestyle and show abundant life experience. Meio finally owns her dreaming kitchen and takes one big step toward her dream, this house is simple but a work with devotion and carefully crafted as Meio’s classical scone.

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